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We are located in various parts of the world sharing amazing experiences with our valued clients including USA and Australia.


The experience we provide within the academy will open every persons mind to performance. 

A Few things to think about for your Child's Age for Tennis Development

KIDS 4 - 6

Little ones have a short attention span and want to have FUN!

We want to give these kids the skills to play tennis at a high level one day, while still remembering their age and level of cognitive development.

We accomplish this by teaching a variety of tennis-specific athletic skills in an age appropriate environment.

With our instruction, your child will gain the ability to handle complex-coordination tasks, improved hand-eye coordination, and important social skills, such as cooperation with their peers and the ability to follow simple instructions from the coach.

KIDS 7 TO 10

Child researchers have defined this age as the absolute best years for learning tennis technique, but most tennis coaches make this process unnecessarily repetitive and, frankly, boring!

With an emphasis on technical skills in a game-based approach that leads to long term mastery, you will start to see your child look like a real tennis player.

They will be able to play the game the way it is supposed to be played! With our instruction, your child will develop the techniques necessary for high-level tennis, movement fundamentals to allow them to rally and actually play, foundations of the serve to be able to get the point started, and simple strategies to help them compete and win as young competitors.

KIDS 11 TO 13

Tweens are transitioning from childhood to adulthood, and they all do it a little differently. It is for that reason that our approach to this age group is highly individualized.

You will see this in every aspect of how we handle this clinic. We will use a differentiated learning approach to best help bring each of these athletes to their full potential, based on what unique talents and level of readiness they show us.

With our instruction, your child will develop power and tactical weapons, advanced strategy for winning as an adult, advanced movement and swing technique, and mental skills for dealing with adversity.

KIDS 14 TO 17

As our competitors transition into young adulthood, so does our approach. Our expectations are high and we will encourage your children to live up to their potential and our belief in their abilities. Our process will be geared towards readying our athletes for high levels of competition, which may include high school tennis teams, local tournaments, national and international competition, college tennis teams, and beyond.

With our instruction, you can expect your child to learn personal responsibility and professionalism, organized and focused practice that leads to improved performance in match play, a unique game style that is suited to them and their individual strengths, and a mastery of the skills needed to compete at any level.

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